The Fountaineers

Scotland. Bluegrass. Tradition.

A Scotland-based group with roots in Scottish and American tradition.

Tethered by an interest in American roots and bluegrass music rarely found in Scotland, The Fountaineers formed as a quartet during the summer of socially-distanced interactions (2020).

Having found space of their own in Glasgow, a home renowned for its fierce traditional music scene, Callum MT (mandolin), Jeri Foreman (fiddle), Michael Wright (guitar/vocals) and Rob Hart (banjo) are creating music that adheres to traditions, fosters creativity and blends the progressive intent found in shared musical heroes such as Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs, Tony Rice and Allison Krauss and Union Station.

Working on a landscape marred by dwindling opportunity for live performance, we have released a debut single covering music by Mandolin Orange, participated in multiple live-streamed performances, competed in the final round of the Hands Up For Trad - Battle fo the Folk Bands 2021 and most recently been selected as an International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA) Official Showcase Band for the 2021 IBMA World of Bluegrass Conference in Raleigh, NC. Through mostly virtual channels, they are currently preparing arrangements of original and tradition music for their first EP.

Callum Morton-Teng

Y’all meet Callum, our killer mandolin player! Callum adds some impressive chops to the group and loves throwing in some rippin’ bluegrass triplets (aka “riplets”). He is a graduate of the prestigious Royal Conservatoire of Scotland where he spent some time in America during an exchange program studying under the absolute mandolin legend Adam Steffey at East Tennessee State University.

Callum is the band member that inspires everyone to be a harder working musician. He is an absolute musical powerhouse, shredding on pretty much any instrument you put in front of him! If you ever see Callum in a jam, just ask him to "cut down on Big Country" and he will show you just what he is made of!

Michael Wright

Michael is the rhythm and roots of the group, holding us all together with his tasteful blend of old time and progressive rhythm styles that prompt even the hardest of on-lookers to tap their foot!

When not laying down some mind-bending Tony Rice licks, he is a part of some pretty groundbreaking physics research, working tirelessly towards his PhD. If some light reading is your desire while listening our music, you should look out for his published work!

Jeri Foreman

Jeri comes to us all the way from Australia. Though classically trained, she can shred rosin with the best of 'em in any trad circle, anywhere in the world. She is most notorious for her old time session in Glasgow, where she brings the great sounds of Appalachia to its rainy streets (but be warned, make sure the tune you request is in the key of the hour, otherwise hold your tongue--- shout out to the old time regulars!).

In addition to her original fiddle sounds, she also bring years of experience in the music industry and invaluable insights into life on the road. So here's to Jeri!

Rob Hart

Rob hails from Hickory, North Carolina, but we are humbled that he spends his time in Glasgow. He brings authenticity and knowledge that only those who grow up in the mountains might bring. His wealth of tunes and playful Scruggs-inspired approach to music were a strong incentive to form The Fountaineers.

His generally excellent craic and enthusiasm for drams has earned him an honorable Scottish citizenship. Y’all meet Rob!